I have had the pleasure of working with Joanna since she was elected in 2014. I spent 4 years as Chair of the Abbey Park High School parent council. During this time, Joanna was always willing to meet with us and discuss ways to engage our parents while always prioritizing the students’ needs first. Under Joanna’s leadership we developed the first Ward 4 Parents Super Council representing all of the Ward 4 schools. This allowed us to brainstorm and share best practices. Joanna also recognized that High School councils faced different challenges and brought together all Oakville High Schools with her fellow trustees. As a parent, I admire Joanna’s dedication to the well being of our students. She understands the diverse needs of our families and is a strong advocate for Ward 4 and in fact the entire Halton Region. It is with pleasure that I encourage Ward 4 families to re-elect Joanna to another term as HDSB Public School Trustee.
— Jim Driscoll
For two years, I had the pleasure of serving as a Student Trustee on the HDSB Board of Trustees alongside Joanna. Joanna is one of the most thoughtful, articulate, and compassionate trustees at the HDSB. I saw firsthand that she approached every issue faced by the Board from the perspective of what’s best for Oakville and Halton students. As a person, Joanna is intelligent, caring, and respectful. As a trustee, she asks pragmatic questions, considers all evidence and perspectives, and is always open to dialogue. I have no doubt that Joanna has an immense and genuine passionate for improving education in her community. Most importantly, I know that Joanna is an extremely effective advocate for her constituents in Halton!
— Dasha Metropolitansky, 2016-2018 HDSB Student Trustee

I’m delighted to add my support, my endorsement (and my vote!) to Joanna’s Ward 4 candidacy for Trustee of the Halton Board of Education. Known her for years: she is savvy, smart, articulate, compassionate and at the same time passionate about education.

She has a lot to offer, and as someone who knows his way around the public sector, and particularly around the local government world, I think she would be a fine addition to the Board.
— John Fleming; Past Chair, Halton Health Services Board of Directors; Former Chief Administrative Officer, Halton Region; Former Deputy Minister, Ontario; Resident of Ward 4

I confidently endorse Joanna Oliver as an excellent candidate for the position of trustee with the Halton District School Board. Joanna would bring high energy and creativity to this position along with a keen interest in how children learn in today’s diverse classrooms. These assets along with her experience as an administrator and strong advocacy for educational change make her an excellent choice for trustee.
— Linda Ponti-Sgargi (retired teacher, consultant, supervisor, Education Officer)

I have known Joanna Oliver for many years. Over that time, I have witnessed her commitment to and passion for public education in Oakville. She has demonstrated her leadership skills in many different capacities and has proven herself to be adept at taking on challenges and creating solutions. Her judgment is sound and, most importantly, she has a vision which seeks to fulfill the educational goals for all Oakville children.
— Dr. Natasha Johnson, Pediatrician and Oakville mother of 2.

I have had the pleasure of working with Joanna for several years while we were on the Executive of the Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario. I can assure you from my first-hand experience that she is an excellent and visionary leader. She asks thoughtful and challenging questions. She is a great collaborator and listens to those whom she represents. Her passion, commitment and good nature will certainly be a welcome asset.
— Alanna Leffley (APHEO Executive)

Knowing Joanna as a fellow parent, but also working alongside her on School Council, I believe she would be an excellent Trustee for Ward 4.

She is passionate about the future of our neighbourhood schools and providing quality education for all children. Joanna’s enthusiasm, commitment and excellent leadership skills were reflected in her role as co-Chair.
— Ingrid Evans, parent and past School Council member.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joanna for several years now. Joanna is an honest, hard-working and personable individual. I am confident in her abilities to work as a School Board Trustee, because she has been such an asset to our school as School Council Secretary and School Council Co-Chair. Joanna has been an active participant in school discussions and activities, encouraging an environment of inclusion for all students. She is adept at fostering healthy discourse in small groups of students and peers, as well as effortlessly capturing the attention of larger groups.

Joanna has proven herself to be a gentle and selfless individual when it comes to matters of social justice and is an expert at efficiently managing her time so that she can be a part of all of these various communities.
I believe that Joanna Oliver is an exemplary individual who has the aptitude, personality and compassion necessary to succeed as a School Board Trustee.
— Leissa Elms, Parent and Educator